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Connection boxes | Connection panel for connecting your device under test

  • 1, 2, 3 or 4 test sockets for different country standards
  • quick pressure clamps for single leads
  • 4 mm laboratory sockets
  • high current socket for protective conductor test probe
  • for single-phase and three-phase test objects
  • customized solutions

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comBOX » Luminaire Test | Connect luminaires, test, dim, parameterize...

  • for LED and tube lights
  • integrated interfaces
  • DALI, DSI, Analog, Touch/Push, DMX, NFC, und more …
  • optimized test functions for the lighting industry

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Test dummy, self-test black box | Dummy test used for standardized functionality control

  • for daily inspection
  • universal blackboxes
  • factory calibration, also according to DAkkS

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High-voltage test pistols | Safe testing with high voltage

  • for 6, 10 or 12 KV AC/DC
  • without or with integrated start button
  • optional with 4-wire technology (4W)

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Test Probes | For manual PE, insulation resistance and leakage current tests

  • built-in start button
  • built-in 3-color LED

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Kelvin Clamps | High-precision resistance measurement even for smallest resistances

  • condition for high-precise resistance measurements
  • solid industrial quality
  • 3 different sizes

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Terminal blocks | Modular terminal blocks to contact loose lead ends

  • stackable 4-wire clamps
  • modular design
  • different designs and sizes

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Motor Terminal Plugs | Test plugs for contacting motor terminal boards

  • induction motor test plugs / motor terminal board plugs
  • quick contact for 6, 8 or 9 bolts
  • for different motor terminal board sizes
  • for threaded bolts M4, M5, M6, M8 and M10
  • without, with 1 or 2 motor grounding tips
  • super simple test lead connection
  • 4 patents pending

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Test tables with rollers | Mobile test equipment use in your shop floor

  • mobility at testing
  • perfect for workshop applications
  • ergonomic design with storage space

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Barcode Scanner | Scanning of serial numbers, product types, production specifications, ...

  • various 1D & 2D-barcode scanners
  • reading of order data, operator names, serial numbers and more

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Label Printers | Label printing of type plates, device and test result decals, ...

  • various thermal transfer printers
  • printout with order data, serial number, and more

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Safety Barriers | For securing the testing area

  • mobile workplace protection
  • with integrated emergency stop, warning lights
  • built-in 2-hand start

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Warning lights | Warning and indication of hazardous test voltage

  • warning of hazardous test voltage
  • only required for touchable test objects
  • not necessary when test cover is used

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Result Lights | Test result pass or fail

  • what is the test result?
  • green: go – pass – OK
  • red: no go – fail – not OK

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Two-Hand Operation | Protection against electrical hazards

  • dual-circuit safety with BG-approval
  • solid and stable
  • 2 different models

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Special contactings | Customized solutions based on the modular SCHLEICH building kit

  • individual solutions
  • for perfect 4-wire measurement
  • float-mounted collets

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Pneumatic clamps | Automatic pneumatic quick clamping

  • automatic clamp with pneumatic cylinder
  • push-button for fast release
  • for different wire diameters
  • hole diameter with 4, 6 or 9 mm

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Luster terminal adapters | Contacting of 2-, 3- and 5-pole luster terminals

  • fast contacting with locking
  • up to 16 A

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Test Tables | Individually designed and custom-made.

  • professional test tables:
  • according to BG-guidelines
  • customized for your test task

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Foot Switch | Starting a test - Confirming a query

  • starting a test
  • confirming a query

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Calibration Resistors | High precision for verifying measurement accuracy

  • precision resistors for the annual calibration
  • low drift
  • factory calibration
  • DAkkS calibration (optional)

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Rotary field probes | Rotary field measurement of rotating machines

  • contact-free rotary field measurements at stators
  • over 10 different models
  • fully-electronic without moving parts

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High-Voltage Relays | Switching and disconnecting high voltages safely

  • high-voltage relays
  • switch matrixes
  • safe isolation
  • with single or double changeover contacts
  • SPDT “Single Pole Double Throw”
  • for rail mounting DIN50022
  • system components for DIY

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High-Voltage Cables | Safe conducting and distribution

  • for a variety of applications
  • cables up to 100 kV

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High-Voltage Connectors | Connect high-voltage

  • for different applications and tasks
  • up to 100 kV

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The SCHLEICH product range

  • testers with one test method
  • combination tester / multifuntion tester
  • testing machines / testing systems with small to complex relais matrix
  • complete test workstations
  • testing machines
  • production lines with transfer systems
  • EOL test benches
  • large-scale systems
  • test probes
  • test adapters
  • single / dual test covers, test cabins, test facilities …
  • modular connection devices
  • interfaces for automation
  • interfaces to ERP systems
  • interfaces to MES systems
  • networking of test equipment
  • statistical analysis tools
  • and much more …

When selecting your testing device, also pay attention to the “soft skills” of the provider. We offer all necessary accessories and guide you during the entire service life of your test equipment:

  • professional advice with know-how
  • careful initial commissioning
  • regular certified calibration
  • aftersales by our service team
  • service on the phone, via remote maintenance or on site
  • trainings

SCHLEICH – the world’s only manufacturer of test equipment that has already been awarded the German “Top100 Innovator” seal of quality five times.

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