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PrintCom G2

PC-Software for storing and printing test results

PC-Software for storing and printing test results on a PC

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Reading, storing and printing test results by means of a PC.

  • Reading of test results during the test and/ or from the tester´s cache.
  • Storing test results in single result files on a PC in Excel® format
  • Printout of test results in Excel® using report templates
  • Wide range of ready-made report templates (included in the scope of delivery)
  • Freely customizable Excel® report templates for printing out the test results
  • Different storage modes (individual or collective results)
  • OpenOffice® and MS Excel® compatible software
  • Connection between PC and test device
  • ONLINE and OFFLINE data collection mode


Archive and print test results in Excel® 

PrintCom G2 allows you to log and print your test results from MotorAnalyzer 2 R2 devices and – fast and without any complications. You can either transfer the data online immediately after completing the test or leave the results in the device until they are manually transferred to a PC.


In online mode, your test device communicates permanently with the PrintCom G2 software running on a separate PC. As soon as the test device has performed a test, the data is automatically transferred to the PC.


When using PrintCom G2 with a MotorAnalyzer2 class test device, it is also possible to store test results from different customers in separate log files directly in the MotorAnalyzer2.
When all test tasks in a day have been completed, separate test reports can be created for each customer at a later date.

Customize and store test protocols

PrintCom G2 offers you the option of customizing your reports to suit your requirements – by adding additional information or a custom design, for example with your own logo. The test results are stored in a user-friendly Excel® format. The scope of delivery also includes a large selection of easy-to-customize Excel design templates.

Print test results

Thanks to the output of the test results in Excel® files, you are able to print out the test results directly – and thus immediately document the tested quality to your customers.


By configuring file directories in PrintCom G2 accordingly, the Excel® files can also be stored in a network directory.



  • in Excel®-reports
  • the Excel®-file layout corresponds to the printed report
  • reorts are freely-customizable by the user


  • in Excel®-files


  • GER
  • EN
  • IT
  • ES

Operating systems:

  • WINDOWS 10® 
  • WINDOWS 7®

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