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PrintCom 7

PC-Software for storing and printing test results

PrintCom is the simple and efficient solution for storing test results and printing test reports.

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Reading test results from a PC, storing and printing them.

  • Reading of test results during the test and from the tester´s cache
  • Storing of test results in single result files on a PC with EXCEL®
  • Printing test results in EXCEL®via report templates
  • Great variety of predefined reports (included in scope of delivery)
  • Freely-configurable EXCEL®-reports for printing test results
  • Several storage modes (single- and overall results)
  • OpenOffice® and MS EXCEL® compatible software
  • Connection between PC and tester vie RS232 interface
  • ONLINE and OFFLINE data collection


Archiving and printing test results with EXCEL®.

PrintCom 7 – the fastest and easiest way to record and store test results from SCHLEICH´s GLP1-g, HandHeld and MotorAnalyzer test devices. The devices either store the test results until they are read out with PrintCom7 or transfer them online to PrintCom 7 immediately after the test.

Reading test results

The software clearly lists the read test results on your screen.

Storing test results

PrintCom 7 offers the possibility to adjust the test report according to your requirements by adding additional information or by creating an individual design, e.g. by inserting your company logo. Templates which may easilly be adjusted are already included in the scope of delivery.  Of course you can also create completely new reports! The test results are user-friendly stored in an EXCEL® file. For this, we developed and preconfigured numerous EXCEL® templates.

Printing test results

For exchanging data between tester and PC a serial RS232/or Ehternet connection is used. Thanks to the integration of test results in an EXCEL® file you are able to print the test results directly and to impressively document your proven quality to your customers.


In the online mode the tester is permanently connected with a PC and PrintCom 7 is started. As soon as a test is evaluated, the result is immediately transferred to the PC and collected there. After finishing all tests, the collected results are stored.


When using PrintCom 7 for testers from the HandHeld-class, test results which were e.g. collected from different customers, may be stored in different result files later on.  Afterwards the respective test reports may be separately generated for each customer.

Thus,  unlike the online operation, the generation of test reports may even be done only when all tests at your customer´s site have been finished and the printout may even be performed at your premises. Thus, a PC connection at your customer´s premises is not required.


By configuring file directories in PrintCom 7 accordingly, the Excel® files can also be stored in a network directory.



  • in EXCEL®-reports
  • The EXCEL®-file layout corresponds to the printed report
  • Reports are freely-customizable by the user


  • in EXCEL®-files


  • GER
  • EN
  • IT
  • ES

Operating systems:

  • WINDOWS 98® 
  • WINDOWS 7®

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2022 - SCHLEICH is awarded for the fifth time as TOP100-Innovator
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2012 - SCHLEICH is awarded as TOP100-Innovator for the first time
2005 - SCHLEICH released the first stator tester with partial discharge test
1995 - SCHLEICH integrates touch-displays into testing devices as a world leader
1990 - SCHLEICH released the first safety and function tester with fully automatic integrated test terminal changeover
1987 - SCHLEICH released the first surge tester with PC-control under DOS and fully automatic integrated test terminal changeover
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