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Test equipment for everything around winding & motor.

Electric Drive ⋅ Coil ⋅ Generator ⋅ Turbine ⋅ Online-Monitoring ⋅ Enocoder ⋅ Resolver …

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MotorAnalyzer1 | The entry-level device for your motor service

Check your motor’s health!

  • induction, synchronous and DC motors, brakes, transformers, coils …
  • repair, service, maintenance, servicing
  • 10 test methods in one device
  • troubleshooting and fault location
  • adjusting the neutral zone on DC motors
  • light and portable
  • battery operation
  • PC software for printing and saving

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MotorAnalyzer2 R2 | The expert level tester for your motor service

Check your motor’s health!

  • asynchronous, synchronous and direct current machines, brakes, transformers, coils …
  • repair, service, maintenance, servicing
  • ALL-IN-ONE – 15 test methods in one device
  • surge voltage test up to 3 kV !
  • high voltage DC and insulation up to 6 kV
  • resistance, inductance, impedance, capacitance, RIC test
  • troubleshooting and fault location
  • adjusting the neutral zone on DC motors
  • light and portable
  • battery or mains operation
  • PC software for printing and saving

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MTC2 | Surge tester with 6, 12, 15, 25, 30, 40 or 50 kV

The state of the art winding tester.

  • surge test plus standard-compliant partial discharge measurement
  • resistance
  • insulation resistance
  • high voltage DC plus polarization index / DAR
  • high voltage AC

ideal for service, production, automation, quality control, laboratory, R&D …

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MTC3 | Winding tester fully automatic for automation, laboratory ...

Reliable winding testing for production, research and quality.

▪ standard motors
▪ special motors
▪ automotive drives
▪ transformers
▪ coils …

▪ ALL-IN-1 with over 20 test methods
▪ in-line partial discharge testing

▪  interfaces for automation such as PROFINET, EtherCAT, TCP/IP …
▪ interfaces to ERP, MES and CAQ systems …

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VoltageAnalyzer | Intelligent probe up to 6 KV

Precision measurement of the surge test directly at the winding.

  • consideration of the influence of the measuring leads
  • super fast sampling rate
  • high measuring resolution
  • plus simultaneous PD measurement with passive or active antenna
  • integrated switchover between the test leads

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GLP3-M | Electric motor testing

Test benches for functional and safety testing of all types of engines.

  • asynchronous motors
  • synchronous motors
  • stepper motors
  • BLDC
  • DC motors …
  • engine attachments
    • brake
    • temperature sensor
    • additonal heating
    • fan
    • encoder, resover, multiturn encoder
  • interfaces for automation such as PROFINET, EtherCAT, TCP/IP …
  • interfaces to various ERP and MES systems …

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EncoderAnalyzer | Inspecting and adjusting encoders

  • detailed encoder signal analysis
    • resolver
    • hall element encoder
    • incremental encoder, sinue/cosine encoder
    • absolute encoder (singleturn and multiturn)
    • communication via Hiperface, EnDat, SSi, BiSS …
  • measurement of incorrect angle of rotor and encoder angle on synchronous motor
    • support of manual angle adjustment
    • setting the encoder zero point
    • writing the misaligned angle into the encoder
  • synchronous motor test
    • measurement of the BEMF
    • determination of the ke-value during motor ramp down

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Dynamic MotorAnalyzer | Check your motor's health!

Troubleshooting & online condition monitoring of running motors/generators.

What is the cause of the problem?
The Dynamic MotorAnalyzer supports troubleshooting and analysis.

  • suitable for mains and frequency inverter operation
  • electrical mains and motor input data
  • energy consumption, capacity utilisation, efficiency …
  • mechanical power and torque …
  • unique multifunctional oscilloscope
  • data recorder for long-term measurements
  • data recorder for real-time measurement data and playback for later analysis
  • trend analysis for predictive maintenance

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PortaTest | Insulating oil tester with 60, 80, or 100 kV

Fully automatic determination of the dielectric strength of insulating oils.

  • 3 device variants: 60 kV – 80 kV – 100 kV
  • portable
  • on-site test
  • laboratory test
  • test cup with magnetic agitator
  • test sequences for 13 international standards integrated

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Winding Machines | Coil winding machines for electric motors

Winding machines are used to manufacture coils that are typically used in asynchronous and DC motors.

The coils, adjustable in length and width, are automatically wound in former windings.
The coils are removed from the machine either by hand or semi-automatically using a transfer tool.

For repair, production, R&D …

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No tester found? – No problem!

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How do you find the right tester?

The number of testers available on the market is large and the features offered are sometimes necessary and sometimes not.
Therefore SCHLEICH has one of the most comprehensive instrument portfolios – suitable for your task.

SCHLEICH is a pioneer in winding and motor testing. More than 35 years of experience with surge voltage and many innovations distinguish our company.
Proof of this are the many 1000 winding testers at enthusiastic customers all over the world.

Stator and motor winding testing

  • standard impulse voltage
  • partial discharge IEC 61934 and DIN EN 60034-18-41
  • insulation resistance
  • high-voltage AC/DC
  • winding resistance
  • inductance
  • capacity
  • rotating field/direction of rotation
  • and more …

Engine testing

  • electrical safety
  • function
  • encoder testing and adjustment
  • idling and load operation
  • torque/speed
  • direction of rotation
  • brakes
  • Uk
  • vibration
  • impermeability
  • endurance run
  • heating test
  • rotor
  • EOL
  • and more …

The SCHLEICH product range

  • testers with one test method
  • combination tester / multifuntion tester
  • testing machines / testing systems with small to complex relais matrix
  • complete test workstations
  • testing machines
  • production lines with transfer systems
  • EOL test benches
  • large-scale systems
  • test probes
  • test adapters
  • single / dual test covers, test cabins, test facilities …
  • modular connection devices
  • interfaces for automation
  • interfaces to ERP systems
  • interfaces to MES systems
  • networking of test equipment
  • statistical analysis tools
  • and much more …

When selecting your testing device, also pay attention to the “soft skills” of the provider. We offer all necessary accessories and guide you during the entire service life of your test equipment:

  • professional advice with know-how
  • careful initial commissioning
  • regular certified calibration
  • aftersales by our service team
  • service on the phone, via remote maintenance or on site
  • trainings

SCHLEICH – the world’s only manufacturer of test equipment that has already been awarded the German “Top100 Innovator” seal of quality four times.