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Infinite curiosity.

Competence and passion

Infinite curiosity is what drives SCHLEICH’s developers. They analyze tasks, specify each and every module or component and optimize circuits with one goal: state-of-the-art performance.

All SCHLEICH products are designed and built for one purpose: to make the testing device as reliable, efficient and practical as possible.
The focus of our development process is to realize state-of-the-art technology without overwhelming the user.

We achieve this by following these principles:

To minimize interferences and to guarantee the precision of measurements, all relevant components have their own environment and are separated from other components.

By making sure that circuits do not interact with each other, we can guarantee a high level of accuracy for measurements. In order not to lose any information, analog signals are digitized quickly and precisely.

Quality of materials
We are using only durable materials and components of high-class quality.

For extraordinary measurement and testing capabilities, we are always looking for new ways to implement our ideas and to harmonize electronics, software and intelligent measurement technology.

By following these principles, our developers are in a position to design the most reliable products. Innovations together with what is technically possible at attractive prices – a class of its own.

These principles echo in our range of products – based on infinite curiosity.

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