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Calibration – Support – Rental Devices – Installation – Updates – Trainings – Seminars

Calibration – In-House or at SCHLEICH

Periodic calibration of all testing equipment is an essential requirement for your quality assurance. We calibrate your testing equipment in compliance with applicable standards – on-site, at our premises in Hemer or online.

All calibrations are traceable to national and international standards and meet the requirements of your audits.

Online Calibration

Online calibration is also offered as an alternative to on-site calibration. IEspecially for larger distances this can save time and effort.

Online calibration is traceable to national and international standards as well and also meets the requirements of your audits.

Technical Support

If you have any questions or need assistance, our technical support offers prompt and reliable support by telephone, online or on-site.

Online Support

We can maintain your WINDOWS tester remotely with the help of the “TeamViewer” software.
To do so, simply access the program directly on your test device.

This way you will receive support in a fast and uncomplicated manner.

Rental Devices

To avoid any loss of time, we offer you a rental device for the duration of service.

You can also experience our high-performance solutions by testing a loan device if you are considering a new purchase.

Many SCHLEICH standard testing devices are at your disposal for this purpose.


Firmware updates from SCHLEICH are always free of charge.

Installation and System Start-Up

Installation and commissioning are provided by SCHLEICH from one source.

We are at your side throughout the entire service life of your equipment, e.g. if your test device should move to another location.


Professional product trainings and equipment briefings are an integral part of SCHLEICH’s range of services.

You will learn valuable tips and tricks for efficient and safe handling of your test equipment.

We are also ready to offer you in-house training tailored to your specific requirements, in which we will extensively address your test requirements.


At regular intervals we organize seminars on a variety of issues relating to safety and function testing technology as well as winding testing technology.

Additional Services

We also offer calibration, maintenance and other services for third-party devices from a variety of manufacturers – e.g. for surge voltage testers, high voltage testers, safety and function testers, winding testers, etc.

SCHLEICH Service Centers

Our international partners are dedicated experts and offer support around the globe. Service center staff are always up to date on the latest technological developments and receive extensive training.


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