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Special contactings

Customized solutions based on the modular SCHLEICH building kit

Mechanical adaptation of test devices with special contactings constitutes one of SCHLEICH’s particular areas of expertise. The tester and mechanics are designed and built as specified by your testing requirements. Frequently pneumatically controlled, miniature Kelvin clamps or spring-loaded contactings from our modular system are used for this purpose.

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Experience and proven quality for your test task.

  • mechanically solid and robust design
  • 2- or 4-wire contactings
  • high-current contactings
  • special solutions for manual contacting
  • special solutions for automatic production lines
  • contacting for handling systems
  • float-mounted Kelvin clamps for position-tolerant automatic contacting
  • spring-mounted contact pins in 2- and 4-wire technology
  • motor terminal board in 2- and 4-wire technology
  • fast exchange of wear parts


Task and solution.

One of SCHLEICH´s strength is the mechanical adaption of test objects and their special contacting.


Our testers and the mechanics are internally manufactured exactly matching to your test task. For this, pneumatic-driven, small Kelvin clamps or spring-mounted contactings from our modular kit are often used.

The construction is done according to your requirements at 3D-CAD work stations and with “Inventor 3D”-software.

Latest CNC-machines in our mechanical department assure the production of professional and cost-effective components.




4-wire contacting

  • Automatic clamping
  • Floating bearing
  • Cutting/ Clamping technology

4-wire contacting

  • Automatic clamping
  • Floating bearing
  • Any design possible


Contacting a cable socket

  • Manual inserting
  • Automatic contacting

Contacting of large lead cross sections in 4–wire technology


  • 4-wire contacting
  • 12 V-shaped clamps

Contacting of vacuum cleaner motors in an automatic production line

  • Spring-loaded contact pins

Mains adapter for 3 sockets

Mains terminal adapter

  • Manual variant
  • 3 x spring-loaded high-current contacts

Contacting of a module plug

  • Manual variant

Contacting for an electronic module 

  • Manual variant
  • Spring-loaded contact pins

Contacting for an electronic module 

  • Manual variant
  • Spring-loaded contact pins

Contacting for an electronic module as exchange adapter

  • Spring-loaded contact pins
  • Automatic contacting

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SCHLEICH is a leading manufacturer of electrical safety, functional, winding and electric motor testing technology.

SCHLEICH is a world-renowned company that focuses on the development of innovative products in the field of testing technology for electrical products of all kinds.
From A to Z - everywhere SCHLEICH testing technology is in use worldwide. Our customers come from over 50 countries and regions. Everything is developed and produced in Germany.

Quality work - Made in Germany.

2022 - SCHLEICH is awarded for the fifth time as TOP100-Innovator
2016 - SCHLEICH released the first VoltageAnalyzer for measuring the real voltage directly at the winding terminals
2012 - SCHLEICH is awarded as TOP100-Innovator for the first time
2005 - SCHLEICH released the first stator tester with partial discharge test
1995 - SCHLEICH integrates touch-displays into testing devices as a world leader
1990 - SCHLEICH released the first safety and function tester with fully automatic integrated test terminal changeover
1987 - SCHLEICH released the first surge tester with PC-control under DOS and fully automatic integrated test terminal changeover
1985 - SCHLEICH released the first MotorAnalyzer
1982 - SCHLEICH focuses fully on electrical test engineering of electrical products
1952 - SCHLEICH is founded as a motor repair shop

Pioneering spirit, competence, curiosity, brand new technologies and innovations. This is what the 145-strong SCHLEICH team stands for - led by Martin & Jan-Philipp Lahrmann. Father & son. Your guarantors for long-term partnership.

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