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Luster terminal adapters

Contacting of 2-, 3- and 5-pole luster terminals

Lamp adapters are used for contacting socket contacts of lamps in a luminaire. An external luminaire, a resistor or a lamp equivalent circuit can be connected to the leads of the lamp adapter. A smart lamp equivalent circuit from SCHLEICH will also provide you with the additional option of automatically checking the wiring of a luminaire. This applies for 1-, 2-, 3-, and 4-lamp luminaires with conventional ballasts as well as with electronic ballasts.

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Fast and reliable contactings.

  • three standard contactings
  • solid and robust construction
  • fast wearing parts exchange of spring-loaded contact pins


Economically. Efficiently.

The contacting is realized either via pressing the spring-loaded contact pins against the luster terminals or by fixing the adapter at the luster terminal, which makes more sense, especially when testing with hazardous high-voltage.


Technology at a glance.

Luster terminal adapter with clamping device

  • 3-pole
  • PE-test current: 10 A
  • Function-test current: 16 A
  • Lead length: 2 m

Luster terminal adapter

  • 3-pole
  • PE-test current: 10 A
  • Function-test current: 16 A
  • Lead length: 2 m


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