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Pneumatic clamps

Automatic pneumatic quick clamping

Connect conductors quickly and conveniently.
Simply insert the conductor into the pilot hole until it presses against the bottom of the hole.
This activates the clamping process to the terminal of the conductor.
At the end of the test, the clamps are all reopened together.

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Practical and reliable.

  • Extensive selection of standard contactings for different lead diameters
  • Solid and robust design
  • Customized solutions based on our standard solutions


3 Device variants for solving your testing task.

Please select the desired test method:

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Pneumatic clamp 4000210

hole diameter: 4 mm

Pneumatic clamp 4000500

hole diameter: 6 mm

Pneumatic clamp 4000501

hole diameter: 9 mm
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We will configure a modular solution for you - just ask us.


Clamped individually. Released centrally.

The so-called “pneumatic clamp” is supplied with compressed air. Test objects are often only equipped with free lead ends without plug.  The lead to be contacted is inserted approx. 1cm in the clamp´s borehole. At the borehole´s bottom there´s a flexible valve plate. As soon as it is pressed down by the lead, the integrated valve reacts and makes a clamping cylinder in the clamp push against it. By this the contacting is established.

A black push button is installed on the clamp to disconnect the contacting.

It is no problem to operate any number of clamps by means of the compressed air supply. In case the entire compressed air supply is interrupted, all clamps open at the same time. This is perfect, as it is possible to quickly open all contact points in parallel when a test is finished.

SCHLEICH delivers a wide range of proven pneumatic clamping devices.


The contacting is realized in 2-wire technology with the result, that ohmic resistances lower than 1-10 Ω  may not be reliable measured due to the contact resistance in the clamp.
In case of these low resistances is is recommended to perform the test with 4-wire technology and Kelvin clamps.



Contacting- fast and efficient.

Terminal block with pneumatic clamps in 2-wire technology 

  • 5 x clamps in a block
  • 5 x push buttons to release each individual clamp
  • 1 x central push button to release all clamps at the same time

Pneumatic clamps integrated in a connection panel

  • 10 x group of 3 pneumatic clamps
  • additional 3 x pole sockets per group
  • additional 3 x Schuko socket per group
  • additionally different three-phase sockets

Modular terminal block with pneumatic clamps in 4-wire technology 

  • Any number of clamps possible
  • The picture shows:
    • 6 x clamps in a block
    • 6 x push buttons to release each individual clamp
    • 6 x push buttons to lock each individual clamp
    • 1 x central push button to release all clamps at the same time
    • 1 x integrated GO-result LED
    • 1 x integrated NoGO-result LED


Kelvin Clamps

High-precision resistance measurement even for smallest resistances
  • condition for high-precise resistance measurements
  • solid industrial quality
  • 3 different sizes

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Terminal blocks

Modular terminal blocks to contact loose lead ends
  • stackable 4-wire clamps
  • modular design
  • different designs and sizes

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