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Safety Barriers

For securing the testing area

Safety barriers let you block off testing areas conforming to norms. The chains are designed to prevent people from entering testing areas while warning signs and warning lamps inform personnel of hazards. There is no way to reliably make a testing area thoroughly safe using safety barriers only. In order to achieve an even higher level of safety, test facilities and test rooms with fixed walls and doors must be constructed and safety switches must be installed. More information can be obtained from your Berufsgenossenschaft (employer’s accident insurance institution).

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Preventing unauthorized personnel from entering.

  • Mobile use
  • Optionally available with emergency-shutdown at the barrier
  • Optionally with warning lights at the barrier


4 solutions for your testing task.

Please select the desired test method:

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Warning sign | Warning sign "high-voltage- danger" to be mounted at the chain barrier

order number4000494

Barrier | Solid and stable barrier to separate test areas

height1 m
weight7.5 kg
order number4000487

Barrier with additional warnling lights and emergency shutdown | Solid and stable barrier to separate test areas

height1 m
weight9.5 kg
order number4000490

Chain barrier | Chain to be hung between two barries to separate test areas

lengthyard goods, upon request
order number4000493
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Safeguarding danger areas.

The barrier serves to safeguard the test area according to standards.  The chains shall protect the test area against being entered and the warning signs and -lights shall inform the person about the danger.  However, it is not possible to entirely safeguard the test area. To obtain a better protection, test benches and test areas have to be equipped with fixed walls and doors with safety switches. More information is provided by the Berufsgenossenschaft (employer’s accident insurance institution).

Barries shall indicate, that the area behind them is not to be entered.

Our extensive range of barriers assure a safe operation of your test installation. They can be seen as useful/ required supplement to the 2-hand operation.

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