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Foot Switch

Starting a test - Confirming a query

The foot switch is used to begin a test. Depending on the configuration of a tester, the foot switch either must be depressed for the entire duration of the test or it may be released again after the test sequence initiation.

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Starting tests safely.

  • supplement to a high-voltage test start with safety test probes
  • always required, if an extra hand is needed
  • solid, robust industrial design


The „third hand”.

The foot switch is often used to start a manual test, in case the operator has no “free” hand left. Typically this is the HV-test with two safety test probes.

Depending on the test method and its settings it may also be necessary to activate the foot switch during the entire test time.




Solid foot switch for industrial applications.

  • Lead length 2m
  • For starting tests
  • To confirm notifications or queries
  • Anti-slip rutsch-rubber studs
  • Flat design- thus not obstructive
  • Size of a shoe- thus easily to use


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