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Luminaire Testing

Testing luminaires the easy way: all-in-one solution for your testing tasks

The lighting industry is undergoing major changes. Next to the transition to LED-technology, the use of modern ECGs with numerous interfaces and protocols for light control is another technological challenge in lighting engineering. This means new requirements for the test scenarios in the lighting industry.

In addition to the required safety and function tests, our “All-in-One” testing devices of the latest generation meet requirements going far beyond the typical features of a luminaire-testing device:

  • safety tests
  • function tests
  • dimming:
    • analog
    • touch (switch)
    • DALI, DSI, DMX…
  • camera analysis: brightness, luminous color, …
  • parameterization of the ECGs
From testing devices and optimized adaptation of line and interface terminals to complete test systems – SCHLEICH offers solutions for reliable and cost-effective production and testing of your products.


  Safety test

  • PE/GB-resistance between PE/GB-terminal and any part of the housing – also with 60Hz
  • single-phase insulation resistance at L1, N and PE/GB or three-phase at L1, L2, L3, N and PE/GB
  • insulation resistance between line terminals L1, L2, L3, N and interface connections
  • if required, high-voltage test with AC, e.g. for UL – also with 60Hz
  • if required, high-voltage test with DC
  • if required, leakage-current test – also with 60 Hz
  • according to international standards


  Function test

  • continuity test of single-phase and three-phase wiring and of the dimmer cables
  • function test / current-consumption measurement starting at 1 mA adjustable to different phases
  • power-consumption measurement beginning at 1 watt


  Interface communication

  • DALI
    • Reading ECG-data, such as software version, etc.
    • Writing and reading OEM-data, such as luminaire serial number, order, etc.
  • DSI
  • DMX and more…
  • Analog
  • Touch / Push
  • Cost savings:
    Safety, function and interface communication directly via the testing device!
    No further components, programming adapters or additional PC are required!


  Parameterization of the ECGs / drivers

  • transfer of parameters into the driver for individual configuration
  • parameterization of drivers from a variety of manufacturers


  Camera analysis

  • brightness of individual LEDs
  • luminous color of individual LEDs
  • examination of reflectors and diffusers


Integration into your IT-environment

  • central storage of test plans on a server
  • generation of test plans independent of the testing device at various work stations
  • central test-plan management
  • reading and storing serial numbers
  • integration of barcode/DataMatrix scanners
  • label printing for luminaires and packaging
  • communication with your ERP-system (e.g. SAP, MS-Dynamics, proALPHA, …)
    •   management of test jobs
    •   importing parts lists and information from your ERP-system into test plans
    •   reporting test results and order data (e.g. serial number) to your ERP-system
  • central storage of test results on a server
  • various printing options for the test results
  • statistical analyses
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