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Test Method

Function/current consumption single-/threephase

At the functioning test the electrical and, if required, also the mechanical and physical characteristics of the device to be tested are measured and evaluated. For this purpose, the device is usually operated under operating conditions. I.e. the tester supplies the device with a test voltage.

This test voltage can be provided directly from the mains, via an isolating transformer, and/or via a voltage control.

In general, the functioning test serves for detecting the charging current of the test object. Considerung a certain tolerance, this charging current is compared and automatically evaluated with a set value. Depending on the application, it is also possible to measure and evaluate the power, the phasing, and other electrical parameters.

The test can be performed at one-, three- phase DC-voltage test objects.

Operating voltage
♦ Fixed or variable value

Voltage type
♦ AC, 1- and 3-phase
♦ higher clamp quantity possible- e.g. 12 for electric motors

♦ Mains frequency or frequency set by electronic source

Electric measurements
♦ Voltage, current, effective and apparent power, phase angle and more, depending on tester

Measurements mechanically and physically
♦ Temperature, pressure, speed, vibration, length and more, depending on tester

 Which testers does SCHLEICH supply?

  • single testers
  • combination testers (combination with safety tests)
  • functioning test up to 1000V
  • functioning test from mA to 500A
  • one- or three-phase testers
  • fully automatic tests
  • various tester classes

Standards commitees

For legal reasons, we can often not make a binding statement about the test conditions. For the application, the currently valid standards for testing your product apply.

Depending on the geographical location of the product, the standards to be applied can vary. For further information, please also refer to the below-mentioned bodies.




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