PC-Software for statistical analysis of test results

Our analyzer software is the ultimate tool for storing test results on a PC. With the analyzer software you can store all test data from the SCHLEICH range of test instruments. The Windows®-based software provides you with an in-depth analysis of your production processes. You receive detailed, in-depth information and reports on the effectiveness of your production and are able to quickly identify optimization opportunities in the manufacturing process!


Statistics without ifs and buts.

  • Storing test results on a PC
  • Fast, effective Microsoft® SQL-Express-database
  • Database for single or several networked testers
  • Analysis-Software run with Windows®
  • Statistical evaluations with graphical presentations
  • Easy integration of your logo in the printouts
  • Test result printout in customizable report templates
  • Test result printout in Excel®-report templates
  • Printout of statistical values in customizable report templates
  • Printout of statistical values in  Excel®-report templates


A deeper look into your data.

GLP2-ce testers either store the test results internally or externally in a central location in the network. The storage format corresponds to the common CSV-format. The CSV-formated test results may be accessed and analyzed with EXCEL® .

However, it´s easier to have the test results displayed and evaluated with the analyzer-software.

Of course, the analyzer can also read, display and evaluate the test results from GLP1-, GLP2-, GLP3-, MTC2- and MTC3-testers which makes it THE versatile statistics tool for the SCHLEICH-tester´s world.

Furthermore, all kinds of test results from external devices may also be imported by means of the corresponding optional tools.

The analyzer´s core is a fast SQL-database in which all test results from the testers are imported. Afterwards you can analyze and visualize the data according to different criteria. The analyses are, of couse, documented.

Besides a reliable storage there are three further requirements to a test result data base:

  • you want to search for one specific test result and document it
  • you want to statistically analyze test results
  • you want to be always updated about your production

The analyzer fulfills all these requirements.

The result search

The serial number to be searched for is entered in the analyzer and, thanks to the powerful SQL-database, the corresponding test results are displayed within no time. In addition to the results, the corresponding default values are also indicated. The precondition, however, is that the test results are stored together with the test object´s serial number. A specified search is only possible, if the test results are clearly identifiable in the database.

The results may be printed either on paper or electronically as a PDF-file. For the printout, SCHLEICH supplies printing templates. You require an individual printout with your company data and logo? No problem! By simply exchanging the print head and logo you can easily adjust the templates to your company´s corporate design.

The statistical analysis 

For the analysis, numerous test results are summarized in a way to obtain an overview about your production´s quality.

To reduce the data amount to be inspected, the following filters are available:

  • Date from…to
  • Time from…to
  • Calendar week from…to
  • Serial number range from…to
  • Test sequence´s name
  • Order data
  • Tester-test station-test chamber
  • Tester groups
  • Shift ( day-, late,- night shift)

As soon as the filter values have been entered, you get the statistical analysis, thanks to the fast SQL-database.

A combination of several filter criteria may be easily stored as template under a freely-definable name. By calling up the filter template and input of the requested values, the test result analysis is automatically generated.

  • Quantities: Go- NOGO – total
  • First Pass Yield | FPY
  • Pareto-analysis
  • Trends
  • Average values
  • Variances
  • Measuring material ability| cg-values
  • Process capability| cp-values
  • Gaussian result distribution

The results may be printed either on paper or electronically as a PDF-file. For the printout, we provide printing templates which may also be adjusted according to your requirements.

Data transfer via USB-flash drive | Offline-operation

If the testers are not networked with each other, the test results are exported by means of an USB-flash drive. For this, the GLP2-ce provides a special command. The analyzer imports the data from the USB-flash drive and stores them in the database. Afterwards the requested evaluations may be run.

Data import via network  | Online-operation

Under perfect conditions tester/s are part of a computer network. But a network only makes sense, if the data is stored centrally.  A central storage location for all test sequences is to be defined, which can be any PC in the network.

The PC with the analyzer-software also belongs to this network. The analyzer permanently checks, if the testers sent new test results to the central storage location.  If this is the case, the analyzer automatically imports the data into the database.

During online-operation the analyzer continuously determines and displays statistical results from the running production. Thus, you are not only always informed about your production´s quality, but you additionally get an comprehensive overview about GOs, NoGOs, quantities at single testers, tester groups and your entire production.

This is perfect online-monitoring!

Importing test results from any measuring device in production

In addition to the normal GLP2-ce application, the analyzer also imports data from all other SCHLEICH-tester classes. And the analyzer can actually do even more! Via special import tools it is even able to store and analyze data from any external device as e.g. mechanical screwdrivers, tightness measurement devices, optical inspection systems and so on.

The ideal situation is given, if a serial number to all result files is available, as the analyzer may then display all collected information and test results of this certain product at a glance.

This allows a complete traceability of all your products.



  • in a predefined PDF template
  • with your company logo
  • with your company contact data


  • MS-SQL-Server-Express® or MS-SQL-Server® Data base
  • unlimited quantity of test results


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