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Technology Package

The technology package – full Windows® power for the GLP2

The technology package for your GLP2-testers offers an enormous PLUS of operating convenience and technical function extensions in addition to upgrading to the Windows 10® operating system.

Main points of focus are:

    • completely revised visualization, adapted to larger screens
    • All functions of the PC software editor&printer are included
    • easy-to-use test plan editor
    • full network integration
    • additional interfaces for automation and IT
    • automatic online updates and extensive update management

Faster operation and testing thanks to more software power

The technology package is a comprehensive upgrade of operation and software power and takes full advantage of the many possibilities of Windows 10®. Its user interface is even more intuitive and clearly arranged than the standard version. A powerful PC is used to increase performance. Plus, in addition to the test software, you can install other applications on your PC that are not supported by a pure embedded system.

The tried and tested measurement hardware and the precise measurement technology are identical to the standard device without the technology package.


Using your connected Windows 10® PC, you can see all test data at one glance:

The technology package supports monitors of any size, ideally touch screens:

Your PLUS in technology

PLUS  Microsoft® Windows 10 OS
PLUS  significantly higher speeds when loading, processing and executing large test plans
PLUS  information design: clearer – even more informative – more graphical representations
PLUS  large touch buttons on the touch screen
PLUS  powerful and easy-to-use picture-in-picture test plan design
PLUS  drag & drop test plan editing
PLUS  full integration of editor&printer
PLUS  test plans composed of sub-test plans
PLUS  sub-test plans reduce the maintenance effort considerably, since they are handed down to the linked main test plans
PLUS  dynamically generated, revision-safe test plans
PLUS  approval of test plans according to the double-check method
PLUS  test plan history
PLUS  automatic generation of a PDF test report
PLUS  printing on any PC printer (vs. HCPL printers only)
PLUS  printing via laser inscription and/or label printing
PLUS  full integration into your company network, even with worldwide networks
PLUS  even more IT interfaces like MES, ERP or SAP®, …
  even more automation interfaces to the PLC, to robots, …
PLUS  communication with non-SCHLEICH software on the PC – e.g. for flashing the DUT with new firmware
PLUS  evaluation of camera data for optical pattern recognition
PLUS  custom IT solutions, e.g. communication with worker instruction systems
PLUS  automatic free updates via internet including update management and authorization
PLUS  hassle-free swapping of the PC
PLUS  remote maintenance via Teamviewer

Our developers put great emphasis on the user interface. Everything should be as simple and intuitive as possible.
This is reflected both in the newly designed visualization during the inspection as well as in the completely revised test plan editing.

Finally and most importantly:
You can upgrade your GLP2-ce, GLP2-BASIC and GLP2-MODULAR testers!

To this end, the Windows-embedded computer built into the GLP2 is exchanged for a new circuit board, which is used for remote control of the GLP2 from the external PC. The technology package installed on the PC communicates with the GLP2 via USB and controls it entirely remotely.
The PC can be provided by you or be supplied by SCHLEICH.

  • Yes, I am interested in upgrading my GLP2 with the technology package!

    We would be pleased to inform you about the new possibilities that the technology package has to offer for you - no matter whether you want to update devices in your inventory or whether a new acquisition is upcoming. If required, we can also provide you with a quote for an upgrade of your SCHLEICH test equipment at short notice.
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GLP2-Technology Package

GLP2 meets Windows 10®
  • Technology Package for even more ergonomics
  • enhancement for GLP2-BASIC/MODULAR
  • external Windows 10® PC
  • more comfort, intuitive design
  • optimized visualization
  • even faster inputs …

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Protective conductor, insulation, high voltage, leakage current and function tester
  • insulation Resistance testers – IR
  • high voltage testers AC/DC
  • “All in one” testers
  • safety & function testers
  • app. 40 device variants – combined from up to 21 test methods
  • PLe, SIL3, Kat4 safety circuit (depending on device variant and degree of risk)
  • network
  • protocol & label printing
  • scanner …
  • Technology Package for even more ergonomics
  • table-top unit or 19″ rack mounting

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Combination tester with up to 25 test methods
  • “All in one”
  • safety testers
  • safety & function testers
  • modular combination of more than 25 test methods possible
  • up to 250 test connections
  • large switch matrix modules for all kind test methods
  • PLe, SIL3, Kat4 Safety circuit (depending on device variant and degree of risk)
  • network
  • protocol & label printing
  • scanner …
  • Technology Package for even more ergonomics

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