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SEV bonding systems find a new home at SCHLEICH

Great news for SEV and SCHLEICH customers: Since April 2021, SEV-Steuerungstechnik GmbH with its bonding system division is a part of SCHLEICH GmbH!

Support for legacy installations – integration of SEV know-how in SCHLEICH bonding systems

With more than 30 years of experience in the production of bonding systems, SCHLEICH is the ideal home for SEV’s systems.
Support for existing SEV systems is continued by SCHLEICH.

SCHLEICH customers benefit from the integration of the SEV unique selling proposition of super-fast quick shut-off in new bonding systems.

Quick shutdown protects tools

Should the case arise that a damaged wire to a metallic winding tool creates a body or winding short circuit, the quick shutdown ensures that damage to the winding tool is avoidable.
The expensive winding tool is protected. For the shutdown we need only a few microseconds!

© Warner ElectricDamage to a coil in the event of a short circuit to the winding tool WITHOUT quick shutdown © Warner ElectricDamage to the winding tool in the event of a short circuit WITHOUT quick shutdown

PC-controlled bonding systems bySCHLEICH

In the future, SEV customers will benefit from the consistent integration of the SCHLEICH-typical PC control system with its many advantages:

  • WINDOWS-controlled bonding controllers / bonding systems
  • very fast, precise measurement technology for real-time temperature determination
  • super short bonding times
  • high process reliability
  • high reproducibility of the bonding quality
  • full combination of testing and bonding technology – in one system
  • all winding-typical test methods available, such as surge voltage, partial discharge, etc.
  • interfaces for all common bus systems for PLC communication
  • interfaces for data exchange with host computers
  • SQL database for bonding recipes and bonding results
  • database locally in the installation or on a server
  • statistical evaluations
  • production Reports
  • Interfaces to production databases of various types, e.g. SAP, CAQ, …
  • Software integration into your production system, e.g. ERP, MES, …
  • customized mechanical solutions – everything from a single source!
    • contacting in two- and four-wire technology
    • rotary indexing table
    • integration in linear conveyor belts
    • complete mechanical handling
    • multi-station systems

bonding technology – everything you see in the video is developed by SCHLEICH and produced at the Hemer site.


With the use of a PC control, the application possibilities increase many times over compared to other control approaches. Faster measurement technologies, complex mathematical conversions and automated evaluations of test results become feasible. Accurate visualizations of test results and graphical temperature curves are just as possible as faster and more precise acquisition, analysis and evaluation of measured values. With versatile database connections or automated protocol printouts, the traceability of processes and products is enormously simplified.
The result is maximum precision, control, reliability and reproducibility of processes.

All SCHLEICH test methods can be integrated into a bonding system. Testing and bonding processes can be designed to be partially or fully automated, depending on the application.

Bonding systems by SCHLEICH

SCHLEICH was founded in 1952 and is today a leader in electrical safety and function testing technology as well as motor and winding testing technology. For more than 30 years, we have also made a name for ourselves with advanced and versatile PC-based technology in the field of bonding systems for windings and coils of all kinds, as well as current UV impregnation systems.




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