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Test equipment for electrical safety and function.

The product range for all industries.

Please select the desired test method:

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HandHeld | PE-resistance and insulation resistance tester

  • protective conductor resistance test up to 10 A AC
  • insulation resistance test up to 1,000 V
  • mobile – Light – Indoor/Outdoor
  • transport case – carrying strap
  • PC software
  • attractive acquisition costs …
  • hospital service
  • rotor blade lightning protection test on wind turbines …

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GLP1-g | PE conductor, insulation, high voltage and function testing device

The smallest safety tester in the world!

  • PE/GB-resistance testers
  • insulation resistance testers – IR
  • high voltage testers AC/DC
  • safety & function testers
  • 50+ device configurations – combining up to 9 test methods in one device
  • PLe, SIL3, Kat4 safety circuit (depending on device variant and degree of risk)
  • table-top unit or 19″ rack mounting
  • ½ 19″ or 19″ format

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GLP2-BASIC | Protective conductor, Insulation, High Voltage, Leakage current and Function tester

  • Insulation Resistance testers – IR
  • High voltage testers AC/DC
  • “All in one” testers
  • Safety & function testers
  • c. 40 device variants – combined from up to 21 test methods
  • PLe, SIL3, Kat4 safety circuit (depending on device variant and degree of risk)
  • Network
  • Protocol & label printing
  • Scanner …
  • Technology package for even more ergonomics
  • Table-top unit or 19″ rack mounting

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GLP2-MODULAR | Combination tester with up to 25 test methods

  • “All in one”
  • Safety testers
  • Safety & Function Testers
  • Modular combination of more than 25 test methods possible
  • Up to 250 test points
  • Large switch matrix modules for all kind test methods
  • PLe, SIL3, Kat4 Safety circuit (depending on device variant and degree of risk)
  • Network
  • Protocol & label printing
  • Scanner …
  • Technology package for even more ergonomics

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GLP2-Technology Package | GLP2 meets Windows 10®

  • Technology Package for even more ergonomics
  • enhancement for GLP2-BASIC/MODULAR
  • external Windows 10® PC
  • more comfort, intuitive design
  • optimized visualization
  • even faster inputs …

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The TOP-Class of testing and measuring technology for safety and functional testing.

  • “All in one”
  • Safety & Function Testers
  • For complex projects
  • For complex automation
  • For the highest demands
  • Modular combination of more than 30 test methods
  • Up to 350 test points
  • Large switch matrix modules for all kind test methods
  • PLe, SIL3, Kat4 safety circuit
  • Windows 10®
  • Network
  • Protocol & label printing
  • Industry 4.0
  • Interfaces to MES, ERP, SPS …

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No tester found? – No problem …

We will configure a modular solution for you – just ask us.

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Product consultant

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How do you find the right tester?

The number of testers available on the market is large and the features offered are sometimes necessary and sometimes not.
Therefore SCHLEICH has one of the most comprehensive instrument portfolios – suitable for your task.

If you only want to carry out tests with one test method on your test object, you are well advised to use one of our single test devices. Here, for example, you have the most compact high-voltage tester in the world with 6 KV AC. It is only “½ 19” wide! Thus it fits perfectly to every workplace.

If the test object also requires a more comprehensive safety and/or function check, we recommend our combination testers/multifunction testers.
This allows various test methods such as protective conductor, insulation, high voltage and leakage current testing to be conveniently combined in one test device. The test method switchover integrated in the test device ensures that no test leads have to be reconnected at the test object during the test.
In addition, the combination between the safety tests and extensive functional tests is also very often a suitable option.
For functional testing, the test device additionally supplies the test object with electrical operating voltage in order to also check the electrical operating characteristics.

Due to the intuitive and comfortable operation of our test devices, each test is fast, precise and cost-saving.

The SCHLEICH product range

  • testers with one test method
  • combination tester / multifuntion tester
  • testing machines / testing systems with small to complex relais matrix
  • complete test workstations
  • testing machines
  • production lines with transfer systems
  • EOL test benches
  • large-scale systems
  • test probes
  • test adapters
  • single / dual test covers, test cabins, test facilities …
  • modular connection devices
  • interfaces for automation
  • interfaces to ERP systems
  • interfaces to MES systems
  • networking of test equipment
  • statistical analysis tools
  • and much more …

When selecting your testing device, also pay attention to the “soft skills” of the provider. We offer all necessary accessories and guide you during the entire service life of your test equipment:

  • professional advice with know-how
  • careful initial commissioning
  • regular certified calibration
  • aftersales by our service team
  • service on the phone, via remote maintenance or on site
  • trainings

SCHLEICH – the world’s only manufacturer of test equipment that has already been awarded the German “Top100 Innovator” seal of quality four times.