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Know How

Armature Booster

For the armature test an additional armature booster is available for MTC2-testers. This is necessary for the test at larger, low-inductive DC-armatures.

The evaluation is performed fully-automatically via the patented evaluation developed by SCHLEICH.

The armature booster is connected to the measuring leads of the MTC2. At the output of the booster there are two solid test probes with integrated start button available. In addition a warning light shows whether the clamps are voltage-free and an acoustic signal indicates whether the test is GO or NO GO.

The test is performed with two test probes that are pushed on the bars (bar to bar method). Here the test can be performed directly between bar-bar or e.g. betwen 1/4 of the commutator. The test is started via the two start buttons in the test probes.

The test is evaluated via a fully-automatic test process which guides the operator through the measuring. Alternatively it can also be tested manually without preset test step sequence. At both methods the MTC2 compares the surge graphs to the previously stored reference already during the measuring. Thus it is possible to remove any faults directly and to repeat the test at these points again.

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