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EASA 2021 Show – Keeping Industries Moving

MDS – Motor Diagnostic Systems – our distribution partner for Canada, Mexico and the USA from Berthoud, Colorado, had the opportunity to present the SCHLEICH product portfolio at the EASA Convention in 2021..

This year, the annual edition of the EASA Convention was held in Fort Worth, Texas, from June 27-29, 2021. For next year, the convention has found St. Louis, Missouri, as its home base.
After the corona-related cancellation in 2020, the tag line for this year’s edition could not have been more fitting:

Keeping Industries Moving

For in the halls and in the aisles it was immediately apparent: the hustle and bustle and the numerous conversations were proof that after the enforced break of the last few months, there was a sense of renewed momentum. After the cancellation in 2020, it was obvious to exhibitors and visitors that a great deal of anticipation had built up for a “real” meeting beyond video calls and e-mails. Accordingly, things were relaxed and the need for information live on site was evident.

In focus: electric motors, drives and controls, generators

At the trade fair, visitors were able to see for themselves the versatile applications of SCHLEICH test equipment..

  • MotorAnalyzer 2 R2 offers more than 30 different test methods and is the ideal companion in the workshop or in the field for repair, maintenance, troubleshooting and servicing.
  • The MTC2 is a high-end universal winding and surge voltage tester and features partial discharge measurement in accordance with DIN EN 60034-18-41.
  • Our GLP1-g is a compact high voltage tester with manual and programmable test sequences with ramp function and offers among others a safety circuit as well as a potential free HV source according to DIN EN 50191.1.

Our partner MDS and SCHLEICH are looking forward to the convention in 2022, when the motto will be: Recalibrate, Realign, Refocus

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