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SCHLEICH offers solutions for every test task!

Firma Schleich

SCHLEICH is leading system provider for all kinds of electric safety- and function technology as well as for motor- and winding testers. By means of our great variety of testers, test systems and complete production lines we are able to provide solutions for almost every test task.

Founded as a repair shop for electric machines in 1952, SCHLEICH has developed to a worldwide well-known producer of winding machines for electrical machinery and electric motor industry.

Since the early 80s, the company’s focus has been on the design and production of electrical testers. Due to continuing strong commitment and technological innovations, SCHLEICH has become one of the leading manufacturers of electrical testers for both, winding and motor testing and for safety and functional testing of all kinds of electrical products throughout the world.

Every day each and every one of our employees passionately works on guaranteeing and optimizing the high standard of our testers. Customers, sales department and our manufacturing staff contribute new ideas and improvements. Thus they all support the innovation process.

Not for nothing we obtained the awards „Top 100 Innovator 2012, 2014, 2016 and 2018″.


 1952  Company foundation by Karl Schleich

 1968  Development of the first winding machines

 1982  Foundation of SCHLEICH GmbH by Karl-Dieter Schleich and Martin Lahrmann

 1985  Production of the first surge tester

 1987  Integration of PCs in our test systems

 1995  Delivery of the first test system with touch display

 1998  Implementation of quality management system

 2005  Combination partial discharge test with surge test

 2012  SCHLEICH honored as TOP100 Innovator

 2013  Development of the Dynamic-MotorAnalyzer

 2014  SCHLEICH honored as TOP100 Innovator

 2014  Jan-Philipp Lahrmann is CEO

 2016  SCHLEICH honored as TOP100 Innovator

 2018  SCHLEICH honored as TOP100 Innovator

 2019  140 employees for the first time

“German Engineering” from the Sauerland!


Comprehensive production facilities guarantee that all components of the testers are designed and manufactured for you at our site in Hemer.

Our testers are manufactured with computer-aided process control and a digital operator information system. This assures the highest efficiency and process safety in the entire production chain and thus assures the constantly high quality of SCHLEICH-products.

Our measuring and electronic cards are reliably produced with an ultra modern in-line-SMD-placement-technology which assures stable quality of our test systems.

Modern high-end processors in our testers fulfill your test tasks in a fast, precise and reliable way.

We also manufacture diverse accessory components such as test covers, contacting, and production lines, tool supports with test object holders or robotic gripping with our modern CNC-machines.

SCHLEICH provides everything from under one roof – Made in Germany.


Long-term thinking and acting.

Our business development is by today characterized by solid growth. By joining the management board, Jan-Philipp Lahrmann ensures continuity of long-term future company management.

Our CEOs:
Martin Lahrmann
Jan-Philipp Lahrmann

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